In the Scottish Play, Lady Macbeth asks Macbeth if he would let “‘I dare not’ wait upon ‘I would’” and that is a question I have asked myself since a young age. I have always wanted to be something: to do something that would not only better myself but better the larger community. So as I sit here, writing my artist statement, I realize that indeed I say “I can” rather than “I would.” I will not be caught dead saying I dare not. I will fearlessly pursue my life as an artist. 
I want to connect with the world as authors and artists have in the past by creating timeless art. I will do this by listening to others, uncovering stories, and sharing my vulnerability. While in high school, I have dealt with mental health issues, and I have used art to express myself in a healthy way. I want to curate a space for people of different identities to see themselves in my work and other artists’ work. My goal is to inspire people so that they always feel connected with the space and the work I create.
My main medium is oil paint on handmade canvas. I am drawn to natural mediums which help me feel more connected with my practice. That idea of being loose with brush strokes and fluid in my paintings and drawings is all because that is how I tell my stories. 
As I use these natural mediums to create a composition, I am able to demonstrate my artistic lens. The world around is fluid, not defined by one line but filled with multiple lines communicating in different ways. I can throw myself out there and it's because of the guts and power I have.
I would do everything in my art to create an inclusive world. I would do anything to enhance stories. I would do anything to express myself. I guess I would is not the right phrase, I know I can do these tasks, I can create and explore. I have the guts to do so. Dare I?
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