Son of Kate
Richard To my dearest Kate and Petruchio,
What doth love if thy only love a man?
What is man if I can only think of love?
Leo is doth the man I care to love
Doth that make me a woman or man?
Petruchio I know you love me so
But what am I but a woman in love
Am I strong?
Weakest man I know!
My father do say he is there for me
“We shall be joyful of thy company”(4.5.52)
That’s what you say, but do you even mean?
Each night I cry and wonder who I am,
I am broken and lost in this world!
I am small yet I am filled with only regret
That I am not the man you want of me.
You two are in love and joyful of life,
The church won’t love me, but I hope you do!
Stuck with hatred and jealousy. I am
Scared that I will never become a man.
Crazy is the world that won’t accept me
But what am I but crazy to accept!
I cry and pray that love will treat me right,
However, God will not be by my side!
What if I’m like my Aunt with no more love.
But she was still accepted by them all.
For who am I but a lost teenage boy?
With Leo’s heart and soul stuck in my mind!
Kate, you love me for the man that I am,
But what is a man in love with a man?
I learned that woman can be man from Kate,
But what if the genders switched in this life?
Would I be like Kate, strong and powerful?
Or would I be weak, powerless, feminine?
Be there for my mother and my father!
“I am ashamed that women are so simple”(5.2.161).
For I am a woman but now it pants!
What is to be gay, but to be happy?
What is to be happy, but be gay?
Who are we? What are we? Stronger or weak?
“But now I see our lances but straws,
Our strength as weak, our weakness past compare” (5.2.173-174)
Here I am, accept me father, love me!
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